Process PSD files directly from Photoshop

What is Push-2-ZePrA ?

Push-2-ZePrA is an Adobe Photoshop extension that allows color converting an image file selected in Photoshop with ColorLogic’s color server ZePrA from Photoshop. Depending on the color server settings high quality color conversions with DeviceLink profiles will be performed leading to better color rendering of images than typical color conversion with Photoshop. Even spot colors can be converted if the selected ZePrA configuration is set up accordingly. The converted file will be opened up in Photoshop so that you do not need to leave Photoshop in order to get the best possible color converted images.

Push-2-ZePrA System Requirements
  • macOS X 10.9 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and higher.
  • ColorLogic ZePrA 7.x and higher – must be installed on the same computer where Photoshop is installed and a valid license for ZePrA must be used.
  1. Use the installer for macOS or Windows for your respective operating system.
  2. Close Photoshop before installation and follow the easy-to-use installer.
  3. Once installed, start Photoshop, go to Windows/Extension and select Push-2-ZePrA to open the extension.
  4. Default location installation: If ZePrA 7 has been installed at the default location on your computer and a valid license has been loaded in ZePrA, it is ready.
  5. Non-default installations: If the extension does not locate ZePrA application, a blue warning message will display underneath the Convert button. To find the ZePrA installation use the fly out menu of the extension and select ZePrA Path… Navigate to the ZePrA.app on macOS or zcmd.exe on Windows and select it. After that, you are ready to go.
Using Push-2-ZePrA
  1. Open up an image in Photoshop to be color converted.
  2. Click on the Push-2-ZePrA extension.
  3. Select a ZePrA Configuration from the drop down menu. The drop down list will show all the configurations set up in ZePrA.
  4. Choose a configuration that fits your requirements in terms of Target Color Space and Photoshop Layers retaining. This information is shown below the drop down menu and picked from the selected configuration.
  5. Click Convert.
  6. After a few seconds, the converted file will be opened up in Photoshop.
    Note: The converted file will be saved at the same location as the original file and the configuration name will be appended to the original file name.
  7. If the original file has been edited or copied in Photoshop without saving, a temporary file needs to be created from the extension and the converted file will be placed in a predefined output folder.
    This folder is typically located under $HOME/Documents/Push-2-ZePrA/Output. Via the fly out menu of the extension, you can open that folder (Open Output Folder…) or set the path to your own preferred folder (Set custom Output Folder…).
    This folder is only used for converted files that have been edited in Photoshop but not saved before using the extension.
    Using the Push-2-ZePrA extension immediately after editing in Photoshop will cause the converted file to be saved in the specified folder. If the user prefers to save the converted file in the same location as the original, this is accomplished by saving the edited file prior to conversion.
    Note: The Command Line Interface (CLI) from ZePrA is used for the conversion but not the ZePrA application itself. That means you won’t find any of the images that have been converted via the Push-2-ZePrA extension in the ZePrA Overview dialog or hot folders of the ZePrA application.
Best Practices

For image conversions, we recommend setting up Direct Color Conversion configurations in ZePrA with the help of the Auto Setup Wizard. With a direct conversion from the image color space to the Target Color Space, double conversions are avoided. It is not recommended to use a Normalize and Convert queue as this can lead to converting the image two times (a double conversion – from the image color space to the Document Color Space and then to the Target Color Space), which typically is not wanted for image conversions.

Selecting the Direct Color Conversion option

For any changes in terms of PSD or TIFF file layers handling, color conversion or spot color conversion, please adjust the appropriate ZePrA configuration in the ZePrA color server. The Push-2-ZePrA Photoshop extension uses the configurations, but editing configurations is not supported.

Error Handling

When working with the Push-2-ZePrA extension potential issues might happen:

    1. Select the proper file for conversion: When several images are open in Photoshop keep in mind that only the selected, active document will be converted with Push-2-ZePrA.
    2. Incomplete conversions: When clicking the Convert button it may take a few seconds until the image is converted. During processing, do not close the Push-2-ZePrA extension nor minimize Photoshop. This will immediately stop the conversion.
    3. Restricted folders and locations: A warning message appears when saving a file in a restricted location. Please keep in mind that the converted file will be saved at the same location as the original image file. If that location (folder) has write protection settings (e.g the applications folder of an operating system) a warning message appears.  The warning message offers the option to cancel the conversion or to save the converted file in the output folder (see point 7 above).
    4. Troubleshooting job warnings: An error message with the selected configuration appears. In such a situation, check the corresponding configuration in the ZePrA application and check for the cause of the error. It may be that the image file and the setting in the configuration do not match. In such a case, it is suggested to convert the image file in the ZePrA application with the same configuration used in the Push-2-ZePrA extension. The same job warning message may show in ZePrA. Troubleshoot the issue and change the settings in the ZePrA application, until the file conversion works as desired. Once the configuration has been saved in ZePrA go back to the Push-2-ZePrA extension, close it and reopen the extension to update the list of configurations and settings and convert the file in Photoshop again.
    5. Changes and updates to configurations: When changes or updates to ZePrA configurations have not been applied in the Push-2-ZePrA extension, make sure that the edits have been saved in ZePrA before heading to the Photoshop extension. Then close the extension and start it again so that it refreshes the list of configuration and their settings.
    6. Support for prior ZePrA versions: ZePrA versions prior to v7 are not supported. The extension may show the settings of configurations from older ZePrA versions, but will not convert files. We do not recommend selecting prior ZePrA versions with the extension and will not be supporting prior versions in future releases.
    7. Avoid special characters in configuration names: characters such as | < > * ? / \\ : in configurations names with ZePrA. While ZePrA will handle such characters the Push-2-ZePrA extension does not.