Settings for Color Conversion and PDF Processing


The settings made under Configurations determine how the file is converted and processed.  In ZePrA, files are processed via Queues, i.e. a job corresponds to the processing of a file via a queue. Each queue must have a configuration assigned to it. The assignment can be done in the Queues tool.

Queues and their configurations are managed separately and configurations can be reassigned to queues at any time.

Under Configurations, you can define all settings related to color handling and PDF processing. This includes color conversion via ICC output profiles or DeviceLink profiles, handling of mixed PDF files (documents with data in CMYK, RGB, Grayscale and spot colors) and customized assignment of gradation curves as well as processing of spot colors.

Create, Rename, and Delete Configurations

Existing configurations can be selected from the drop-down menu. The sorting order of the menu items can be changed from default to alphanumeric using the icon next to the menu.

Creating new Configurations

New configurations can quickly be created in Auto Setup from scratch.

New configurations can also be created under Configurations by modifying existing configurations and saving them under a new name.

Create a new configuration by modifying an existing one:

  1. Select an existing configuration from the drop-down menu
  2. Click New. In the pop-up dialog, the name of the selected configuration is supplemented with “Copy

  3. Enter a new name and confirm with OK
  4. Make the necessary settings
  5. Click Save

Rename a configuration:

  1. Select a configuration from the drop-down menu
  2. Click on Rename
  3. Change the name
  4. Confirm the change with a click on OK

Delete: Deletes the selected configuration.

Save: Saves the selected configuration.

Importing and Exporting Configurations

The import and export of configurations allows all settings to be transferred to another system (e.g. in case of a technical malfunction on the current system). In addition, configurations can be exchanged and transferred between different locations. Detailed information are available under Importing and Exporting Configurations.

Settings in the Configurations Tool

The settings that can be made under Configurations include color conversion with ICC device or DeviceLink profiles, processing PDF files, and customized application of gradations and spot colors. Various presettings and optimization options are available for all areas allowing precise control of conversions. These setting options are grouped thematically in the following tabs:

Settings for conversion from document to target color space

Settings for converting images and vectors

Spot Colors
Customize spot color conversions

Customize file processing options

Settings for PDF processing

Tailored gradation settings

Job Warnings
Customize error messages