Automatic Correction

Auto correct measurement data

Automatic Correction

The Auto feature optimizes measurement data by applying the following tools in the specified order:

1. Redundancies: Clean up redundant color patches

2. Correction: Correcting faulty measurement values

3. Smoothing:  50% slider setting with no protection of highlights

Each tool that is applied is displayed in the History section. ColorLogic recommends to create a Report for detailed results and further recommendations on your measurement data.


  1. Load measurement data by drag-and-drop onto the Data Sets area or via File > Open.
  2. Click Auto and then Start. The corrections applied to the data are displayed under History.
  3. Save the optimized measurement data as a new file via File > Save as. Use the optimized measurement data in profiling software such as ColorLogic’s CoPrA to create high quality ICC printer profiles.

Automatically correcting multiple data sets:

Average multiple files (in instances of multiple files with the same amount of patches, or multiple prints of the same chart) or if redundancies, correction and smoothing shall be applied. This leads to optimized measurement data leaving the characteristics of the print closest to the original which provides better profiles in the end. The screenshots show the settings the Automatic feature uses.

Flexographic measurement data: ColorLogic recommends manually optimizing and smoothing the data. This avoids the bump curve being smoothed or changed in Flexographic data.