Extract ICC Profile

Extracting ICC profiles from PDF/X files

Extracting ICC Profiles

The Extract ICC Profile tool extracts and saves profiles that are embedded in images or output intents of PDF/X files. Embedded profiles that do not exist separately as ICC profiles but are embedded in image or PDF files can be extracted and used, for example, This feature allows embedded profiles that are generally embedded in image and PDF files to be extracted and used, e.g., to create DeviceLink or SaveInk profiles.

Extracting an ICC profile



  1. Click the Extract ICC Profile icon in the Sidebar.
  2. Select the File (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PSB, or PSD) containing the embedded profile, or  drag-and-drop the file into the selection window.
  3. The embedded ICC Profile, the PDF/X Version, and the Output Condition are displayed. The embedded profile can be saved with Extract.