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Create, Correct and Optimize Measurement Data


Intelligent analysis and optimization of measurement data

ColorAnt corrects and optimizes measurement data prior to profiling. There are many situations in the print process that cause issues for creating accurate ICC profiles. Errors from the instrument anomalies, printing errors or other artifacts (e.g. inhomogeneous data) resulting in variances in measurement data quality.

ColorAnt’s main window is divided into 3 sections. All tools are located and grouped by function on the left hand side, measurement data is shown in the Data Set section on the right side upper window. Measurement data can be loaded or saved via the File menu or by dragging & dropping data to the Data Set window. Tools applied to the measurement data shown in the lower right History window. Clicking on an action item in the History window (either above or below the current status) gives the user control over individual corrective tasks.

System Requirements

10.7.5 or later – (Intel only)


Windows® 10, Home, Pro or Enterprise
Windows® 8, Home, Pro or Enterprise
Windows® 7, Home (Basic or Premium), Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise
Windows® XP SP3, Home or Enterprise
Windows® Server 2016
Windows® Server 2012
Windows® Server 2012 R2
Windows® Server 2008
Windows® Server 2008 R2
Windows® Server 2003, Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter


Recommended Hardware

  • Minimum – Dual-Core Processor (Quad Core or more recommended)
  • Minimum –  2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Minimum – 1024 × 768 resolution (1280 x 1024 or higher recommended)

Other Information

  • Macintosh –  CoPrA, ColorAnt and ZePrA run in 64 Bit mode. The Measure Tool runs in 32 Bit mode
  • Windows –  ZePrA runs in 64 Bit mode. CoPrA, ColorAnt and Measure Tool runs in 32 Bit mode

Installers for the respective platform installs the program by default in either the Applications folder (Macintosh) or the Programs folder (Windows). Begin installation by double-clicking on the ColorAnt installation package.

After accepting the Software License Agreement, select the destination volume and choose between a Standard Installation or custom installation. Standard Installation installs all components.

Computer vs USB dongle license

Computer-based ColorAnt licenses always refer to a the specific computer on which ColorAnt was installed and can be requested for temporary test purposes. Computer licenses are also advantageous if the computer has no USB ports or no space for a USB dongle, i.e. a rack server.

USB dongle licenses are serialized to the ColorAnt USB dongle. The ColorAnt USB dongle is shipped with the permanent license ColorAnt and permits use of ColorAnt on different computers. To be able to assign the license to the USB dongle, the dongle must be connected before starting ColorAnt.

Demo license request

ColorAnt allows users to automatically request a   14 day demo license to evaluate ColorAnt.

To request a demo license follow the steps below:

1. Click the registration button located on the lower left-hand corner of the Main Navigation Panel.

2. Click on the Demo license request tab.

3. Enter all required information.

4. When your location is chosen, ColorAnt will show the available dealers for your region. Select a dealer and click send direct request. A demo license will be automatically sent to the email address supplied in the contact form.

5. Save the license file contained in the email (indicated by the ending *.lic) to your system.

6. Under License details in the Registration window and select the .lic file.

After installing the demo license file, the expiration date of the demo license is shown below the License details.

Restrictions with Demo licenses and ColorAnt

ColorAnt demo license gives users a 14 day evaluation period to try all the functions of ColorAnt within the application. The demo license permits saving and exporting of data.

Purchasing ColorAnt

ColorAnt is available in 2 packages, M or L. Click on Buy ColorLogic products under License details or Demo license request in the Registration window.

A list of ColorLogic resellers will open in your browser, then locate the appropriate dealer for your country or region.

Installing a permanent license

A permanent license provided by the individual dealer will be supplied after purchasing ColorAnt. The permanent license is available in the form of a computer-based license or a dongle license (see previous).

After purchasing the software, a permanent license file (.lic) will be sent via email license. Load the license file under License details in the Registration window.

After installing the permanent license file, the licensed modules are displayed under the License details.

Quick Start Guide

Get an overview of ColorAnt’s tools

Quick Start Guide


User Interface

ColorAnt’s main panel interface allows quick access to all tools from one easy-to-use location. Icons display the purpose of each function on the panel.

Main Window


Automatic Correction

Automatically correct and optimize measurement data

Automatic Correction


Data Import and Export

Create, Export, Measure and create reports for measurement data

Custom Chart
Export Chart
Embed CxF/X-4

Merging and Conversion

Merge, convert and transform measurement data

ICC Transformation
CIE Conversion