Share with ZePrA

Use CoPrA’s DeviceLink settings in ZePrA

Working with CoPrA and ZePrA

ColorLogic’s CoPrA is a high quality DeviceLink and printer profiling solution based on the ICC standard. The software includes all the essential tools and functions that a professionals require of ICC profiling applications to generate high quality profiles.

CoPrA creates DeviceLink profiles for a wide variety of combinations of color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK, Multicolor. The most important applications are CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK, and CMYK-to-Multicolor.

For DeviceLink generation, CoPrA uses sophisticated presets that take account of individual types of conversion as well as comprehensive settings for generating Black and support standard exception definitions.

If the SmartLink module in ZePrA L, XL and XXL is licensed define personalized presets with CoPrA SP which ZePrA can then use for calculating DeviceLink profiles on-the-fly. When Share with ZePrA checkbox is enabled (image) in CoPrA, the setting is available in ZePrA.

Sharing a setting with ZePrA

Sharing a setting with ZePrA


If the SaveInk for SmartLink module is licensed (standard with ZePrA XL or XXL) the SaveInk module of CoPrA is active. Creating and sharing of customized DeviceLink preset settings between CoPrA and ZePrA

Note: Since all profiles in CoPrA SP are serialized (protected and encrypted) they can only be used with the same serial number as ZePrA. To utilize profiles in other applications as well, a full license for CoPrA must be purchased. This applies to all other functions, e.g. DeviceLink Editing.