Spot Color Report

Generate Comparison Reports for Spot Colors

Spot Color Report:

The Spot Color Report feature checks spot color conversion accuracy before printing. Check specific PDF files with spot colors or how multiple Pantone or other spot colors could be processed through ZePrA.

Main Window


To create a report, click on the icon on the Navigation Panel. The dialog requires a few selections to proceed.

Using Check Spot Colors, select File or Library. File loads a PDF file with spot colors included to be processed with the selected configurations. Library allows the selection of one of the spot color libraries within ZePrA. Only the Configurations with enabled spot color conversion are shown in the Configurations list.

Both options report how a spot color conversion result will be in terms of deltaE00, deltaE76 and the process color breakdowns. Sort order sorts the list by a variety of methods. When sorting by Delta E, spot colors with the lowest dE will be at the top and the largest dE on bottom.

Note: Report generation will use all of the spot color settings that have been selected in the configuration(s),  including manual settings and warnings. Colors with warnings will be shown with red deltaE values.

After the settings have been defined, a report file can be generated with the help of the Save button and/or it can generate a Preview first.

The screenshot shows the preview of the spot colors found in a PDF file and processed through two different configurations. One configuration uses a CMYK target profile and the other a 7 color target profile. The report shows that in this case the 7C profile will be much better suited for simulating the spot colors in the PDF file.

Spot Color Report Window

Spot Color Report Window