Set Preferences for multiple functions of ZePrA

Protected Mode:

Enabling the Protected Mode prevents changes in configurations, queues, licensing and other critical settings without a password. Once Protected Mode is enabled by ticking the checkbox, it is no longer possible to create new configurations with the Auto Setup Wizard or to edit existing Configurations and Queues. Importing configurations is also prevented and registration cannot be amended. Only file processing and the stopping and starting of queues is allowed. (image)


To activate Protected Mode, select Set Password. Create a unique password and enter it twice as indicated. Once the password is established, it must be entered each time Protected Mode is accessed. To remove or reset the password protection, select Reset Password.

Protected Mode Options

Controlling the Number of Threads


ZePrA 6 is a 64-bit application which allows the use of more RAM for simultaneous file processing. ZePrA also utilizes modern multithreading technology to take advantage of multi-core CPUs. By default, ZePrA uses the same number of threads as CPUs that are available. The number of CPUs can be found in the number field and may be changed. Using more threads than CPUs will not accelerate the processing speeds. In order to process other tasks while ZePrA is processing, it is recommended to use fewer threads which will allow the system to use CPU power for other tasks.

Example:On a 4 core CPU MacBook Pro the processing of 135 files with 2.8 GB of file size with the previous version of ZePrA 4 took 30 minutes, whereas ZePrA 6 only needs 7 minutes. However, using 8 threads slows down processing time.

ZePrA’s Automatic Import

Enable Automatic Import from Folder allows a company to synchronize settings via the Cloud, (DropBox, Google Drive, internal cloud or network), and share Configurations and Spot Color Libraries easily. The folder will support ZePrA’s spot color libraries (*.ccf files) as well as spot colors stored in CxF files and ZePrA configurations (*.ccf files).

Choosing a folder

Example: A Flexo printer continuously adds more spot colors which are used in ZePrA’s spot color conversion. By saving the spot color library in the shared folder, every location connected to this folder with a ZePrA installation will automatically be updated.

Customize Spot Color Reports

Spot Color Report Options

Certain elements of the Spot Color Report can be customized.

Sub Title: Adds a custom title to the report

Logo: Adds a custom logo to the Spot Color Report

Job Management

Under Job Management you can specify whether and when older jobs will be deleted from the list of processed jobs. Please be aware that the information about these jobs will be removed entirely as well.

Note: Deleted jobs cannot be restored.

Job Management Options