Spot Color Libraries

Add and Edit Spot Libraries

Managing Spot Color Libraries

Select the tool Spot Color Libraries from the sidebar to access the window Manage Spot Colors. To measure spot colors from color fans, print samples or Corporate Identity Colors use a spectral photometer or enter them manually. It is also possible to import existing color tables with spot colors. Supported formats are Named Color ICC profiles, Photoshop ACO color tables, text files in CGATS format or CXF files. The color values can be present as Lab or spectral data. Spectral measurement data is preferable as it permits the best internal calculation.

More information about spot colors can be found under:

Spot Color

Customizing Spot Colors


The upper part of the dialog Library shows all available libraries and the number of spot colors of a library. Additionally, the revision number and expiry date of PantoneLIVE libraries is displayed (with the PantoneLIVE icon). Login if necessary to update the libraries.

After double-clicking on the selected library the spot colors will be shown in the lower part of the window. In order to improve the performance – especially with extensive and many libraries – spot colors will only be available when they are actually used in the processing of jobs or by double-clicking on a library.

Notes: PantoneLIVE libraries are protected and in ZePrA they can not be edited, extended or removed. The PantoneLIVE dialog for importing Pantone spot colors into ZePrA is available directly in the dialog Spot Color Libraries.

Tip: Adobe Photoshop users can export color tables with LAB color values form Photoshop in the form of ACO files. X-Rite Pantone Color Manager program users can export tables as Named Color ICC profiles or CXF files which will have the actual LAB values but not the spectral values.