Configuration Overview

Customize ZePrA Configurations for specific workflows

Define Configuration (button: Configurations) is used to make all the settings relating to the handling of colors and PDF-specific parameters.
The upper area of the window allows you to select existing configurations, create new ones, or rename, delete and save any configurations.
If you have selected an existing configuration and would like to duplicate it, click on New. Then enter a new name, make any necessary changes to the settings and click on Save.

A configuration can be renamed at any time. To do so, select the configuration in the dropdown list, click on the Rename button, change the name and confirm with OK. Queues using this configuration are automatically updated.

If you have made a modification in the Configurations window, you can Save it. Should you forget to save after changing the settings and then switch to a different dialog, e.g. to the Overview and Queues window, you are automatically asked whether you want to save the changes. That way, your changes are retained and existing settings are overwritten. If you select the No button in the warning dialog that appears, your changes are lost and the configuration remains as it was before you made the changes.

As a guide and for reliable matching and setting of the configurations, the color space setting is always indicated at the bottom of the configuration window to the right of the Document Color Space line.
To link a configuration with a queue, select the Queues option from the navigation panel. You can find out more about this under Queues.
The settings in Define Configuration include, amongst others, color conversion using ICC device profiles or ICC DeviceLink profiles, definition of workflows for mixed PDF files (CMYK, RGB, Gray, spot colors in a single document) and individual application of gradations and spot colors. All of these are available with different presets and optimization options, resulting in a wide variety of possible combinations. To understand them, we need to go into a little more detail regarding color spaces in PDF files, which are explained in the next chapter of the manual.