Profile Assignments

Create and Manage Custom SmartLink Settings

Features of Profile Assignments

ZePrA’s SmartLink feature can be customized by using specific Proflie Assignments. Standard DeviceLinks, house standards or specialized profiles can be applied automatically to any Configuration.

Adding Profile Assignments

Specifying Profile Assignments:

Manually create SmartLink setting for using DeviceLink generation “on-the-fly”:

  1. Select the SmartLink option in Images, Vectors and/or Document Color Space tabs under Define Configurations
  2. Activate the Apply Profile Assignments option in the Define Profile Assignments window for calculation of a DeviceLink profile based on the selected source and target profiles

Note: When Apply Profile assignment is checked, ZePrA only applies the profiles in the SmartLink table if the corresponding settings have been saved. Creating a Configuration by using Auto Setup will apply SmartLink if licensed. SmartLink always uses the profiles defined in the Profile Assignments window. If no matching profiles are found in this table, the appropriate DeviceLink profiles are calculated on-the-fly from the source/target/document profiles contained in the original file.

Editing Profile Assignments

To create SmartLink tables, previously created DeviceLink profiles or standard profiles may be used.

1.To add previously created DeviceLink profiles to the SmartLink table click New at the bottom of the Profile Assignments window.

  1. Select the DeviceLink profile directly from the DeviceLink Profile drop down menu.

If the DeviceLink profile contains the PSID Tag, the source and target profiles are automatically searched for and displayed in the Source Profile and Target Profile drop down menus. When selecting a combination of source and target profile and a rendering intent, select the desired DeviceLink profiles that match this combination of color spaces from the color spaces from the dropdown menu. To be sure that the selected DeviceLink profile is used, it is important that not only does the source and target profile of the DeviceLink match the settings in Configurations, but also the rendering intent. in order for the DeviceLink profile to be applied, set the Rendering to All under Profile Assignments.

In the Define Profile Assignments dialog when selecting DeviceLink profiles for color space conversions, under Apply to, choose vectors, images or both. For the same color conversion e.g. Adobe RGB to ISO Coated V2 for Vectors, a DeviceLink profile can be chosen that converts the primary and secondary colors to 100% corresponding CMYK values.

Within Define Profile Assignments, use the Delete button to remove individual entries or directly remove entries using Delete All.

Jobs and Queues Overview shows the status of DeviceLink profiles being calculated in the background via SmartLink. Under Job Properties, the information for each file can be viewed including which color spaces DeviceLink profiles have been used with or created with SmartLink.