Creating Gradations

To open the Manage Gradation Curves window, select Global Settings – Gradations. In this window, gradation curves can be created which can be subsequently applied to CMYK or spot color channel of the files to be converted via Configurations – Gradations.

Gradation Curves Main Window

Creating New Curves

The application of gradation curves completes the process of preparing data for printing. Shortly before going to press, almost every printing process requires a tone value correction which is stored in the RIP of the platesetter. This TVI correction primarily serves to ensure the compliance with the printing standards and to compensate for imponderables in the printing process including substrate and ink. The TVI corrections can be included in the data to be converted. When subsequently setting the data, linear implementation in the RIP software of the imagesetter is necessary.

Adding and Designing Curves

To create new curves select the New button under Curve Management. Curves may also be duplicated or deleted. A new curve can be edited under Curve Design by clicking on the curve shown and moving it with the cursor, or by entering values. To enter percentage values in the Input or Output fields, an anchor point must first be set by clicking in the curve. The values entered with change the selected anchor point, and the X button will delete the anchor point.