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Requesting a Demo License

ColorLogic offers 14-day trial licenses for the applications CoPrA, ZePrA and ColorAnt allowing the user to evaluate the software features and performance.

Notes: All profiles created with a demo license in CoPrA can only be used correctly in ColorLogic applications. All files converted with a demo license in ZePrA are watermark protected.

Requesting a Demo License:

  1. Click on Registration in the lower left corner of the sidebar.
  2. Click on the tab Demo license request.
  3. Enter all required information.
  4. After selecting the country, the software shows a list of available dealers in that region. Select a dealer and click on Send direct request. The relevant demo license will be send to the specified email address within a few minutes.
  5. Save the license file (*.lic) contained in the email on the computer being used.
  6. Load the license file in the tab License details under Registration to activate the respective application.

The expiration date of demo licenses is shown under License Details right after activation.

Activating CoPrA

Load the license file in the tab License details under Registration to activate the application.

License Details

A computer-based license is always tied to the computer on which the software (CoPrA, ZePrA or ColorAnt) is installed. This is useful, for example, for temporary test purposes. Computer-based licenses are also required if the computer lacks an USB port or space for an USB dongle, i.e. a rack server.

USB dongle licenses operate with a special USB stick. The USB dongle communicates with the appropriate software license and enables the software to be used on different computers. To be able to assign the license to the USB dongle, the dongle must be connected before starting the software.

The expiry date for time limited versions of the software (for example, NFR or demo licenses) is shown at the bottom right of the software window. No expiry date is displayed for full versions.

License details

The tab License details provides information about the license holder, the expiry date and a list of the Available Features showing the activated modules and add-ons.

Registering and Downloading ColorLogic Software