Image Conversion

Convert images using a variety of profiles

Using Image Conversion

CoPrA is able to convert PSD, TIFF and JPEG files using ICC device profiles or DeviceLink profiles. This function is very useful for checking profile quality on images directly in CoPrA, since typical application programs often do not support all types of DeviceLink (i.e. RGB to CMYK) or Multicolor profiles.

When running a demo version of CoPrA the tool Image Conversion will allow the conversion of images with CoPrA demo profiles (encrypted profiles) for further evaluation in other programs (i.e. Photoshop).

After opening the image to be color converted (TIFF, JPEG or PSD), both a preview of the image as well as a possibly embedded profile is displayed. Apply either a normal ICC conversion from source to target profile or a DeviceLink conversion. Based on the information of the embedded profile select the appropriate Source Profile from the drop-down menu. In a normal ICC conversion from Source to Target Profile, it is possible to specify the rendering intent. In addition to the typical four ICC rendering intents, Blackpoint Compensation is available as a fifth option.

Rendering Intents in Image Conversion


  • Blackpoint Compensation is the relative colorimetric intent with additional black compensation, as in Adobe Photoshop.
  • All profile drop-down menus function like search fields. Simply type in some letters of the desired profile and only those profiles containing these letters will be shown in the list. To select a profile simply click on it. Alternatively you may open the drop-down menu with the little arrow on the right and select a profile from the full list as usual.

A video demonstrating the Image Conversion tool can be found here.

For a DeviceLink conversion select the desired DeviceLink profile from the drop-down menu Source Profile. In this case it is not necessary to select other settings, such as the target profile or a rendering intent, therefore, these settings are grayed out.

Note: Image Conversion supports serialized profiles as well as encrypted profiles. Serialized profiles are created with CoPrA SP (Serialized Profiles). Profile quality can be evaluated from either serialized or encrypted profiles when converting images. If a serialized profile is to be embedded in the converted image file using Embed target profile, CoPrA will decode and embed the profile in the converted image with a smaller grid size. This ensures that other applications display the converted file correctly. Note, however, that this profile cannot be used for production purposes as the profile quality is reduced. Those profiles are marked as LOW-QUALITY VERSION FOR DEMO ONLY in the file name.