ICC Transformation

Use ICC device and DeviceLink profiles to test impact on data.

Using ICC Transformation

The ICC Transformation tool applies ICC device profiles and DeviceLinks to reference data (device values such as CMYK) to synthetically check the effect of ICC color conversion with up to three profiles.

Note: You have the option to select an ICC profile from the drop-down menu, or use a profile that is not in the ICC profile folder of your operating system. For example, if you would like to use a profile located on the desktop of your computer, you can simply drag and drop it onto the drop-down menu. If it matches the selected data, it will immediately appear in the drop-down menu.

Only ICC profiles that match the loaded data are displayed in the drop-down menus. For example, only CMYK profiles or CMYK DeviceLinks are displayed if CMYK measurement or reference data have been loaded. This prevents unnecessary error messages due to inappropriate profile selection.

The checkboxes in front of the drop-down menus for profile selection determine which conversions are carried out. When an ICC profile is selected, the device values of the reference file are converted to Lab using the selected rendering intent. If a DeviceLink profile is selected, the device values are converted to the device values of the target color space of the DeviceLink.

This example demonstrates how a SaveInk-DeviceLink profile works.


  1. Open the same large test chart layout (e.g. IT8.7-4) twice via File/Open Predefined. The CMYK reference values of this test chart are opened.
  2. Select the first opened reference file. Apply the original printer profile which created the Savelnk profile, and is available in the reference file in the ICC Transformation drop-down menu. Convert the reference file to Lab with the Absolute Colorimetric rendering intent.
  3. Now select the second reference file. First apply the SaveInk-DeviceLink profile and secondly the original printer profile using the Absolute Colorimetric rendering intent. In addition to converting the reference file to Lab, the CMYK values are also changed using the SaveInk profile.
  4. The objective of a SaveInk conversion is to visually keep the consistency of the original printer profile, despite modified (reduced) CMYK values to achieve the lowest possible color deviations. Compare both files in the Color Comparison window. The Graph tab displays the average deviation (Average) is 0.1 Delta E and the maximum deviation (Maximum) is 1.2 DeltaE in this example. 90% of the deviations (90% percentile) do not diverge by more than 0.2 DeltaE.